Delegate Tip Sheet

Do you need a visa?

No, collect (free of charge) as an immigration slip on arrival at Ben Gurion airport.  Looks like a blue ticket.  You will receive another slip on exit.  

  • Ensure you keep your passport and blue immigration slip with you at all times of travel in the region, particularly when travelling in and out of the West Bank and through check-points.

Travel Insurance

Bupa Global (includes comprehensive cover + non medic evac) 

‘Cover for You’ via

If you have your own insurance, please check that it covers Palestine & Israel and also, that it performs non-medical evacuation (in instances of local social/political unrest).

British Consulate 


With plenty of fresh and varied local produce, Palestine offers something for everyone. Vegan is commonplace so options are readily available. Many restaurant menus are available in English. Traditional herb Zatar is prevalent and is a little like lemon thyme – try dipping bread into it after gorgeous local olive oil. (Local foodie note; hummus is actually a breakfast dish so don’t be surprised to see it instead of a fry-up).   


Travel in the region will be provided by our management team.  For travel outside the West Bank and between cities, certain registration plates and local knowledge are required, so please only travel with our organised trips and drivers. 

Team Contact Info

Martin: +44 7707 910 987                   Sarah: +44 7886 934 042                       

Mahmood:  +972 54 593 1592            Rami:  +972 54 320 1894

Lucie: +44 07932 065 746                    Abed:  +1 310 418 9621


Faisal (driver):   +972 50 5393516


Pack for a nice springtime.  Days will typically be low-mid 20c. Prepare for even warmer days but also, a layer for significantly cooler evenings.  Temperature can drop 10• for the evening.

Ladies – bring a scarf to cover your head in older and particularly religious sites. Also in more conservative places like some refugee camps. Include modest dress which covers knees and shoulders.  (Scarf doubles as a handy evening layer!)

Gents – shorts below the knee and bring layers to cover arms.

All – dress conservatively/modestly for refugee camps and some older/religious sites.

All – dress conservatively for the airport; eccentric/messy won’t endear you to immigration whereas smart-casual helps.


Prepare for more conservative attitudes in older sites and some refugee camps.  Do not assume to shake hands, particularly with women, where a stranger’s physical contact may be unwelcome.  

Most areas are very relaxed but respond politely in kind for greetings; wait and see what greeting is offered.

  • Palestine has a hospitable culture; take time, respect and enjoy the generosity of welcome, particularly at meals which are a focal point of relationships and culture. 

  • Don’t expect a rush or be pedantic on start-time; things may start in their own good time and run late.

Accommodation Details

Grand Park Hotel

Rafat Street, Al Masyoun Heights, Ramallah 

Tel:  +970-22986194

Contact: Mohammad Khalaf

Payment:  $100 per night. Pay in cash/Visa/Mastercard only (no Amex)


Local sockets are 3 pin but the standard Northern European rounded 2-pin works fine (eg French adapter).

3G is limited, particularly in the West Bank but Wifi is reasonably prevalent and accessible in cafes & hotels etc


Currency is the Israeli Shekel.  Currently: £1 = 4.5 ILS You can use ATM’s for reasonable exchange. Have a few notes handy for tips for guides & possibly drivers (refer to management/accompanying PMX team for amount).


If you find yourself with extra time outside of the PMX schedule or if you are staying on after PMX and would like to explore, here are a few contacts and suggestions to help you get around!


Taxi Al-Rafdeen 02- 2989222

Taxi Al-Petra 02- 2953915

Taxi Al-Zaytona-Birziet 02-2817777

Some places to visit include

Mahmoud Darwish Museum   

Palestine Museum

Dar Zahran (heritage building)

Old City Ramallah 

Al Istqlal Park

Gallery One

Yaser Arafat Museum

See also tours and tips with Hantour

Quick Food



Abu Khalil falafel






Noor Restaurant

Misk Garden Restaurant


Jafra Restaurant

& see Tripadvisor