PMX 2018 Dates Announced

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Palestine Music Expo 2018 will take place on April 11th to April 13th in Ramallah. 

The venue will be the same venue as 2017 at the Grand Park Hotel.  The hotel management and team are already familiar with the details of the arrangements and they proved to be highly reliable to handle and cope with an international event of this size.   

PMX 2018 will showcase established and well-known artists across all genres, to local audiences and to key members of the international music industry. These will include record companies, booking agents, music supervisors, festival promoters and media. The expo will bring artists and industry professionals together in an effort to build mutually beneficial relationships and valuable networking opportunities in Palestine.  It will showcase performances over three days in various Palestinian cities and include workshops, round table discussions and networking events. It will also offer delegates opportunities to experience aspects of Palestinian life and culture. Delegates will interact with musicians and other Palestinians wanting to work in the music field to gain a greater understanding of the music scene and how music is created in Palestine.



Abd E HathotComment