What is Palestine Music Expo?

Palestine Music Expo (PMX) is a three-day music showcase that takes place annually in Ramallah. 

Each year, PMX showcases established and rising Palestinian artists to local audiences and delegates from the international music industry. These include representatives from record companies, booking agencies, music supervisors, festival promoters and music journalists.

In addition to the music showcases, PMX also organizes specialist panel discussions and workshops where local artists can learn from and connect with experts in industry related issues like getting an agent, understanding copyright law, and starting a record label. 

PMX also takes international delegates on educational tours around the West Bank borders and refugee camps. The goal of these tours is to connect the delegates with musicians whose mobility rights are restricted, and for them to learn about the experience of living and trying to make it as a musician in Palestine. 

PMX is geared towards providing Palestinian artists with opportunities to showcase their music, learn new skills, and connect with the global music industry, aiming to celebrate the existing music scene in Palestine and lift up rising artists globally. 


PMX 2019

The third Palestine Music Expo will take place in Ramallah in the beginning of April. If you are a music industry delegate and would like to attend, contact us!